Ordering, Delivery & Installation

Here you will find out about choosing your design and ordering with us at Red Dog Glass Design, including a note about delivery. We hope to have captured most concerns, but if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Choosing a Design

The designs shown in our collections are available in a set of standard splashback sizes which will fit most regular spaces. However, most of our orders are bespoke, made-to-measure panels created to suit unique spaces. You may either start with a standard size, or contact Sally to discuss something more unique – it is included in our service to create a panel that exactly matches your required measurements. All our designs come in a series of alternate colourways too, so you can find something that matches your colour scheme.

Ordering and Templating

After choosing your favourite design and colourway, the next step is to request a quote with estimated measurements. Red Dog glass splashbacks are priced per square meter, with additional costs for cutouts and specific glass processing.

Once you decide to go ahead, we strongly advise professional templating as Red Dog cannot accept responsibility for mistakes in reproduction due to incorrect measurements having been supplied.

However, you can make your own templates – Red Dog is happy to use the measurements you provide but please note, this is done at your own risk. We recommend using 8mm MDF to ensure you get a good fit. Walls are rarely true, fixtures and fittings are often not completely straight and sockets and light switches create added complexity creating room for error in the measurements.

If you are not confident of taking accurate measurements Red Dog can recommend a highly experienced templating and fitting service.

Once templated, we will create the final, high-resolution panel for you, which then goes to manufacture.

When ready, your glass panel can be delivered to any UK location, packaged securely and professionally installed.

International deliveries are quoted per order.

Unlimited Editions: Installation

Fitting a small glass panel is relatively easy, provided the wall is flat and in good condition, and can be done by yourself with the fitting adhesive provided by Red Dog Glass Design (RDGD). The wall should be free from bows, twists or raised areas over approximately 2-3mm. Unevenness of less than that depth can be taken up by adhesive. Any sharp areas need to be sanded. All walls must be sealed using either PVA or emulsion paint. Ultimately, the walls will be obscured by the glass, so the surface doesn’t need to look pretty. We do not recommend customers attempt to fit an RDGD glass panel on top of existing tiles.

  1. After unwrapping your new glass splashback, lay it face down on a towel or blanket.

  2. Apply the silicone to the back of the glass in 20 mm-sized blobs and around 100mm apart.

  3. Lift the glass onto the wall and into position. If your glass is being fitted behind a hob, it is a good idea to fit 2mm temporary spacers between the splashback and the cooker while the silicone cures. Don’t forget to remove these once everything is set!

  4. Once your glass is in position, gently push down evenly across its surface, making sure it is bonded firmly all over. If you feel like an area is less secure, gently lift the glass off the wall and apply more adhesive before placing it back into position.

The silicone should be fully cured after 24 hours. After this time, apply the same sealant around the edges of your glass, making sure the gaps between the wall and your glass are filled neatly.

For more information, please take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us.